Hello and welcome. No matter who you are or what you do this website is for YOU!

Mind warp Sector Four is intended to awaken the human mind and enliven the human spirit and bring about an awareness of the fact that each and every single one of us is part of an infinite consciousness so simple and elegant yet so vast and complex from which all life in the universe ebbs and flows and we are ALL one. One mind working as trillions of atoms of interdependent life. We humans must recognise and realise this fully if we are to exist in harmony with Gaia (mother earth) and the rest of the universe. We must embrace the spirit of love and come together in unity very quickly or we risk extinguishing all life on this incredible lush living planet.

The intended outcome upon the absorption of all this information is revolution in the form of a mass awakening of humanity and a realisation of who and what we truly are. In order to do this we must have a properly educated public with the ability to think critically and the courage to stand up against government tyranny. We must fully understand the inner workings of the Rothchild controlled monetary system which is been used in conjunction with a majorly deceptive legal system for total world domination.

The information presented on this website is a shout in the face to the ones who don't care to wake up. It is intended to spark a revolution in consciousness and an updated spiritually based form of thought. We would like to see a society of awake and aware, free and enlightened human beings with the courage and intellect to take full responsibility for themselves and the ability to help all of mankind achieve their full potential. But this depends on you and not somebody else. In this revolution there is no teacher, there is no leader, no guru, no master, and no saviours, -you yourself are everything!

The ideas in the various films, essays and audio interviews WILL differ to what you were taught in school so be skeptical, but by all means -don't close your mind! Remember,"with the truth, we can define and create a new positive reality"

Like everything in the universe, this website is in a constant state of evolution. Information provided by this website is for awakening purposes only. We respect the rights of all copyright holders of any material displayed on the site. Please advise if we have broken any laws and the material will be removed immediately. No material on this site should be considered expensive legal advice and we do not pretend to be parasitic lawyers. Your comments and ideas are encouraged and valued! Join the facebook group and make yourself heard! Any queries, comments or suggestions can be directed to Johnny Mindwarp by clicking here. If you enjoy the site and davel in Bitcoin your donations will be much appreciated! Address:1NcfafB2CSfD1vmzCHZnWj8q8dzofqekJX

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